Topside Engineering

Topside EngineeringLee Engineering provides topside maintenance and construction services to the Oil and Gas Industry. We have a vast fabrication workshop which is equipped with modern equipment and well trained personnel that can handle all forms of welding, construction and fabrication services.

At Lee Engineering, delivering an integrated, standardized topsides package is an idea that has come to fruition during the recent slump of the oil & gas market. Lee engineering strive to provide cost-reducing options for delivering these standardized topsides packages by industrializing the supply chain, engineering topsides that are multi-field operable, and effectively aligning regulatory standards with that of the client’s requirements. These cost-reducing standardized topsides packages can also help a company leverage its position in offshore production markets across the globe.

Our Topside Solution Includes Service and Supply of Equipment:
  • Crude Separation & Stabilization
    • These processes is the first step in the separation of produced fluid using a combination of production & test separators, coalesces, and free water knock-outs (FWKOs), a company can provide an effective solution for processing produced well fluids.
    • Our solution also consists of several stages of crude separation and interfaces with other topsides modules including gas dehydration and compression.
  • Crude Dehydration.
    • In this process, crude is dehydrated by heating the produced fluid with a combination of heater treaters (horizontal or vertical) and electrostatic dehydrators.
    • Crude oil dehydrators treat oil to ensure pipeline quality crude. Heating options for crude oil dehydrators can include direct-fired, internal tube bundle or external heat exchanger. Direct-fired units are offered with either natural draft or forced draft burners.
    • Our Systems are designed in horizontal grid or vertical grid configurations.
  • Gas Compression
    • Gas compression is crucial for pressure regulation in a topsides engineering package. It is essential to vary gas pressures in order to effectively separate it from the produced water and crude.
  • Gas Dehydration & Sweetening (Dew pointing)
    • Gas dehydration & sweetening can be accomplished by several means:
      • TEG/MEG Regeneration
      • Molecular Sieves
      • Membranes
    • Decide what type of process for dehydrating your gas comes from information regarding project cost, regulatory requirements, and client-specific requirements.
  • Produced Water Treatment
    • We process produced water via the following means:
      • De-oiling hydrocyclones
      • De-sanding hydrocyclones
      • Gas floatation
      • Media filtration
      • Cartridge filtration
    • It is important to take a holistic approach in produced water treatment as it will interface across many different modules and platforms on FPSO topside.
  • Saltwater Treatment & Injection
    • Saltwater (seawater) is treated by several means, including deoxygenation and straining, and is then injected to meet and conserve reservoir pressure maintenance requirements.Other methods such as media filtration, vacuum strip towers, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis can be used to treat seawater so that it meets both client and regulatory requirements.
  • Chemical Injection
    • It is essential to inject chemicals throughout an FPSO for several reasons:
      • Extraction of H2S
      • Tank blanketing
      • Scale and hydrate inhibition
      • Corrosion, foam, and hydrate prevention.
    • Chemical injection packages developed to counteract the emulsions, particulates, and other things that may arise from the produced reservoir.
  • Solids Handling
    • Our solids handling equipment provides a solution for removing sand and other sediments from hydrocarbon production stream while protecting downstream equipment and maximizing uptime and production.
    • Sand handling equipment manages and removes sand from well streams, production separators, and other areas.
  • Lifting & Handling
    • Topsides engineers must account for regulatory compliance, loading requirements and also technology that will be lowered subsea for production purposes. Lee Engineering has Topsides packages such as knuckle and lattice boom cranes to help accomplish these tasks.

Out topside solution does not stop at services and equipment supply. We deliver high level construction, fabrication and maintenance services to the Oil and Gas Industry in the Nigeria and around West Africa.

With our integration of well-trained indigenous and expatriate personnel, Lee Engineering Limited employs internationally affirms standards based on ISO 9001:2008 in all the processes from start to completion of projects. Over the years, Lee Engineering Limited has worked on a significant number of topsides’ projects – from their design through delivery – for either floating, fixed platform and drilling rigs.

By leveraging on our decades-worth experience of our Team Leads and deep knowledge in topside application and advanced solutions, we are well positioned to offer our clients customized situational-specific Design Solutions. This explains why Lee Engineering has developed reputable partnerships with world leading organizations in this segment.

More so, our faultless past performance of providing cost-effective, Conceptual and Detail Front End Engineering Designs (FEED) & 4D modelling solutions and services for Topside Modules has enabled our clients to operate with easy maneuverability in deep water settings under severe weather conditions.

Other Top side engineering services include:
  • Field Engineering & Concept Design
  • Pre-FEED & FEED
  • Top Side & Detailed Design
  • Top-side Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning (EPIC)