Brief History of Previous Key Executed Projects

S/N Project Title Clients Scope of Work Performed Date of Award of Contract(s) Contract Period of Project Execution
1 Revamp of Opuama Flowstation NPDC

The scope of work is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) which includes;

• Upgrading of the flow station from Pneumatic operations to electrically operated
• Procurement and installation of field instruments
• Overhauling of flow station pumps
• Procurement and installation of 1MW Gas Generator
• Replacement of water treatment plant and water pumps
• Replacement of Valves
• Fabrication and Installation of piping spools
• Renovation of Station Field Logistic Base. This project involves working in a marine environment with cranes on jack-up barge, ramp/work barges, speed boats, tug boats and other marine equipment

23.09.2013 1 Year
2 Revamp of Odidi Flowstation NPDC

The scope of work is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) which includes;

• Upgrading of the flow station from Pneumatic operations to electrically operated
• Procurement and installation of field instruments
• Revamp of Odidi Flowstation and Provision for Community Affairs Services
• Overhauling of Pumps, Diesel Generator and Rehabilitation of Concrete buildings
• Provision for project documentation and complete rebuilding of the Ramp Jetty
• Provision of Marine Equipment and Project Security
• Upgrade of Existing DCS/Triconn ct System

23.09.2013 1 Year
3 Revamp of Odidi CPF NPDC The scope of work is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) which includes; • Upgrading of the flow station from Pneumatic operations to electrically operated
• Procurement and installation of field instruments
• Procurement of Gas Metering System Package
• Provision of Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecoms, Fire & Gas and DCS works
• Procured and Installed 2nos Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor
• Renovation of Station Field Logistic Base
23.09.2013 1 Year
4 Okrika Jetty A Pile Repairs PHRC The scope of works includes; Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Testing and Commissioning to restore the structural integrity of the 92nos, 720mm diameter concrete filled encased Jetty 'A' Steel Piles using Glass Fiber Laminate Jacket wrapped with Carbon Fabric and FAT. This project involves working in a marine environment with cranes on jack-up barge, ramp/work barges, speed boats, tug boats and other marine equipment 27.09.2013 1 Year
5 EPC of Ogbotobo Concrete Barge Flowstation Power System Revamp SPDC

• Detailed Engineering of the electrical system based on SSAGS FEED and DED specifications. This will includes ;
• Design of Electrical switch room/ field auxiliary room/battery room , with HVAC, to house generator control panels, LV switch board, UPS systems and power management system
• Design of interface between the generators and the power management system (to be provided by others)
• Confirmation of the functionality of earthing and lightning protection system ,electrical devices and lighting fittings
• Production of detailed MTO for earthing and lightning protection system, small power, lighting fittings (including distribution boards),barge and perimeter light fittings and cables
• Production of cable route, small power and lighting ,switch room and earthing and lightning system layouts
• Confirmation of size and specifications for 3 Gas engine and 1 diesel-engine generating sets
• Assessment of barge’s ability to carry the load of the generators and a new integrated Switch room/FAR to replace the existing switch room and FAR
• Conduct Stability assessment of the barge with the generators and integrated Switch room/FAR installed

- Procurement, custom clearing and transportation to Ogbotobo:
• 3 X 1.5MVA Gas engine Generators and 1 X 1 MVA diesel-engine generating set (Complete with Generator Control panels) (size to be confirmed)
• Procurement of Fully outfitted switch room/FAR with HVAC unit
• AC and DC UPS Systems, complete with battery banks
• Transformers, Earthing and Lightning protection Equipment, small power and lighting systems(including barge /perimeter lighting and distribution boards), ) and LV Cables
• Supply of commissioning spares and two-years operating spares.
• Installation and commissioning of the Ogbotobo electrical system including but not limited to:
• 3 Gas-engine and 1 Diesel-engine Generators sets, to fit footprint of existing generators on the barge
• Electrical Switch room/FAR with all systems and the HVAC
• Earthing and lightning protection system
• AC and DC UPS units?
• Small power and lighting system, including barge and perimeter lighting (including distribution boards),
• Transportation of generators from manufacturer to Nigeria
• Custom clearance of generators
• Transportation of generators to Ogbotobo barge mounted flowstation location
• Updating of CMMS and as-built data
• 6 months OEM support for the generators and switch gears
• Formal training for SHELL personnel during execution of the EPC activities as well as on-the job training of SHELL personnel during commissioning.
• Project Management/control including management of interfaces with the SSAGS EPIC CONTRACTORS and the SHELL Operations team

05.07.2013 1 Year
6 Operations and Maintenance of OML34 NPDC The scope of works incudes, Opertions and Maintenance Services 10.12.2012 RENEWED ANNUALLY
7 Southern Swanp Associated Gas Solutions Project (SSAGS) SPDC Supply and Installation of Solar Gas Turbes. 09.08.2012 3 years
8 FYIP - New onshore scope SPDC • Engineering data validation and package engineering design
• Procurement of 1 No 120mmscf JT-LTS package
• Procurement of 1 No 50mmscf NAG slug Catcher and ancillary reception facilities
• Procurement of 1 No 15-230mmscf Fiscal metering package
• Procurement/Fabrication of equipment packages
• Factory Acceptance Testing/ statutory testing of all packages
• Provision of commissioning dossiers and other documentation including commissioning assistance where necessary
• Project Management/control including management of interfaces with SPDC appointed detailed engineering CONTRACTOR
01.07.2012 2 years
9 Additional Scope - Utorogu Gas Plant Performance Improvement Works SPDC The project is a complete EPC project. Summary list of activities carried out under this contract for improved performance
• Process Engineering, detail Engineering, calculation and sizing of Process Equipmets;
• SMS Scrubbers, Glycol/Condensate Heat exchangers, new inlet gas/sales gas heat exchangers,
• Sizing of Control Valves
• Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchanger Calculations
• Process & Utility Calculations
• Equipment Sizing Reports for Heat Exchangers, waterbath heaters, scrubbers,
• Flare/Blowdown studies & specifications for Utorogu 360mmscf/d capacity
• Process Control & optimization study to minimize glycol consumption
• Piping Assembly/isometric drawings
• Piping Stress Calculations
• Facilitate HAZOP of the new installations
• Update Plant’s load list
• Prepare specifications for electrical cables.
• Fabrication, Construction and installation of interconnecting pipes
• Civil construction
• Installation of vessels, Heat Exchangers and water bath heaters
30.04.2012 2 Years
10 Nembe Electrical Interdepence Project SPDC The scope of work includes,• Design of 8” x 13.7km gas transmission system, including pig sending and receiving facilities, gas metering facilities, associated instrumentation and mechanical tie-in at the Nembe-4 AG manifold.
• Detailed sizing of equipment in the engineering packages.
• Detailed engineering, analysis, calculation, evaluation, certification (as necessary and as required), material take-off, specifications, and procedures, bills of quantities, methods and planning.
• Procurement and installation of Fuel-gas receiving and processing facilities – including liquid knock-out vessels, relief, blow down and drain systems
• Procurement and installation of Power generation – deploying 4 No high efficiency, low NOx emission GE Janbacher Energy type JGS620GS-NL Version F111 gas engines, with rated output 2.680MW, at 11kV and 50Hz, complete with heat exchangers
• Procurement and installation of High voltage switchgear, protection control and metering systems, HV transmission systems and relevant ancillaries.
• Procurement and installation of Utility systems – including black-start/emergency power supply, power distribution, diesel storage, service water, fire water and instrument air systems.
• Civil infrastructure and buildings – including Utility/Control, Generator buildings, and plant access roads.
• Site access – access ramp and boat landing facilities
02.07.2012 4 Years
11 Rehabilitation of Oil and Gas Facilities and Installation of Power Generation Facilities at Odidi Node NPDC

Power Generation System
The Odidi Power System WORKS consist of design, procurement, site installation and commissioning of

• Equipment for power generation at Odidi Central Processing Facility (CPF) and satellite facilities located at Batan, Egwa 1 and Egwa 2. ( 9 MW Gas turbine and 12 number 1MW Gas Generatos and ultilies)

Compressors/Turbines Refurbishment
The Odidi Node Compressor Refurbishment WORK comprises the
• Inspection and overhaul of three (3) units of Nuovo Pignone (NP) compressors at Odidi CPF,
• Two (2) units of General Electric Nuovo Pignone (GENP) gas turbines at Odidi CPF and (3) three units of Nuovo Pignone (NP) booster compressors located at Batan, Egwa1 and Egwa 2.
• Modification of seal gas
• Heat tracing and lagging of fuel gasline

13.06.2011 3 Year
12 Subsea Cables (FYIP) SPDC Procurement of Subsea Cables 01.10.2011 2 Years
13 Erection and Installation of Wartsila Power Plant,for Lafarge Cement Factory Ewekoro, Ogun State. Energy Operations Nig. Ltd. (Watsila) 1) Project Management, Procurement & Site Works, including mobilization & demobilization

2) Structure erection of Exhaust Gas stacks

3) Positioning & installation of 6 Nos x 102MW (each) Power Gen-set (weighing 375,280kg each engine)


• Fabrication & Erection of cable trays and supports

• Laying of primary and secondary cables, termination and hook-up


• Erection of engines ancillaries, Gas & Engine modules and separators

• Construction & Installation of Working Platforms

• Construction & erection of Tanks:

• HFO - 3,000m3,

• Fire water tank - 700m3

• LFO - 200m3

• Fabrication, installation & hook-up of piping systems and supports, complete with heat tracing package- including (painting) corrossion protection.

6) INSTRUMENTATION; Installation of Instrument equipment, Tube bending, connections & hook-up.
7) Pre-commissioning and assistance to commissioning OEM Crew

20.11.2009 1 Year
14 Okrika Jetties 'A' & 'B' Rehabilitation / Reconstruction Project NNPC The Okrika jetty rehabilitation / reconstruction project is a total EPC project . Upgrading and Rehabilitation/reconstruction of the entire Jetties A & B includes;: • Manifolding of white products/bunker lines to allow the station Load and Offload from a common Header
• Upgrading of the safety integrity level of the Jetties
• Upgrading the process system and replacing the existing electrically operated MOV to Electro-hydraulically MOV to enable operations with or without electricity
• Replacement for existing loading Arms with a more sophisticated Loading Arms. The new loading arms have position monitoring system, complete with the following additional features – DDV/ERS, Hydraulically operated QC/QD, Electro-hydraulically operated additional ball valves at the end of the outer arms, etc.
• Provision of Emergency Release Systems for the Loading Arms with Remote Control System
• Expansion of Jetty A top deck
• Civil and Mechanical reconstruction
• Replacement of all Instrument, Electrical, Safety and utility systems.
This project involves working in a marine environment with cranes on jack-up barge, ramp/work barges, speed boats, tug boats and other marine equipment
18/9/2008 2 Years
15 Ughelli East Gas Plant Revamp and Brownfield Asset Integrity Improvement Works SPDC - West The Scope of work includes, Procurement, fabrication, construction, quality assurance, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities 11/4/2011 2 Years & 7 Months
16 West Africa Gas Pipeline -Gas Supply Project (WAGP) SPDC - West The project comprise the implementation of series of activities to achieve stringent WAGP gas specification, metering and monitoring requirement, carryout integrity related works to renew plant design life for another 20yrs & debottleneck Utorogu gas plant from 270mmscf/d to 360 mmscf/d, The work is in 2 phases. Phase 1 work covers integrity and dew point related modification works at Utorogu and Oben gas plant to meet the gas supply agreement. While phase 2 works include installation of online metering and quality monitoring systems and VSAT data transmission facilities at 5 SPDC inlet points namely Oben NAG, Utorogu NAG, Jones creek NGC, Odidi NGC and Escravos Beach NGC.
Transportation of offshore materials & equipment, project management, detailed engineering design and review, materials procurement, mobilization, project technical and logistics services, plants rehabilitation and modification works, modification of vessel internals, installation works, upgrade of process control systems and electrical switchgears, construction of new inlet flowlines and ligaments, modules rehabilitation, fabrication and installation of new metering house and gas metering and online monitering equipment, fire & gas detection and alam system, civil works, painting and demobilization.
7/2/2007 4 Years
17 Refurbishment of Sapele Gas Plant Project An EPC project. Activities includes • Change out of all manual 6’’ valves and 6’’ Emergency shutdown valves at the gas inlet manifold.
• Dismantling, cleaning and pressure testing of free liquid knock out vessel and servicing and calibration of all associated instruments for control and shutdown.
• Remove of worn out Heat exchanger tubes and welding of new sets of tubes and pressure testing of the completed Heat exchanger.
• Desanding of the classifier and Low temperature Separator, pressure testing of the Vessels, servicing and calibration of all the associated instruments on the vessel.
• Servicing and calibration of all Off skid instrument and valves.
• Revamp the out of Service water bath heaters.
• Revamp the Robertshaw panel and the instruments in the Control room
• Desanding and pressure testing the condensate vessel and service or replace and calibrate the associated instruments.
• Revamp of the Saver pit instruments and Consolidated pneumatic pump
• Change out of the sales line valves and replacement of the instrumentations.
• Revamp of the Fuel gas Scrubbers
8/2/2001 3 YEARS
18 Provision of Natural Gas Supply Pipeline To Alsthom Gas Turbine, CB Plant & All Heaters in WRPC WRPC The scope of work executed by Lee Engineering includes but not limited to detailed engineering design, foreign and local materials procurement, installation and tie-in from the existing natural gas line in WRPC 13/3/04 1 YEAR
19 Internal Pipeline Network for Field Gas In PHRC PHRC The scope of work performed by Lee Engineering includes basic and detailed engineering designed and review, offshore procurement, construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning. 04.05.2005 12 MONTHS
20 Amukpe Flowstation Upgrade - Installation of 2Nos Electric Export Pumps & Associated Work SPDC The scope of work executed covers the modification of HP and LP vessels installation, condensate pumps, gas generators, suction and discharge header construction / installation as well as instrumentation, electrical and civil upgrade 23.12.2003 6 MONTHS
21 Upgrade of SPDC Flowstations at Escravos, Saghara, Otumara and Opuama ABB Soimi / SPDC The scope executed include but not limited to the upgrade of HP and LP vessels, condensate pumps, gas generators, suction and discharge header construction, installation and instrumentation, electrical, civil works and other associated works. 04.10.1999 8 MONTHS