Lee Engineering & Construction Company Limited is committed to the provision of safe working environment for the company's employees, subcontractors, local communities and others affected by its operations. Lee Engineering conducts its operations such as to minimize damage to personnel and the environment Federal Statutory Regulations and client's HSE policy.

The Management of LEE ENGINEERING & CONST. CO. LTD. is committed to ensure that HSE objectives and policies are communicated to personnel at all levels of its organization

Our health and safety policy sets the whole framework of the safety management system and is an important tool for the communication of health and safety information. In implementing this policy, we consider the requirement of relevant legislation aimed at promoting Health, Safety and Environment. It is the policy of LEE Engineering to carry out her activities in such a way that the Health and Safety of our employees and any other person who may be affected by our operations are safeguarded.

  • Any employee working for the company will be required to apply this HSE policy to enhance Safety and relevant sections of legislation, also exercise all seasonable care for their own health, safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions or omissions.
  • LEE shall co-operate with the appropriate government agencies on issues relating to sustainable safety awareness.
  • Any Sub-Contractor working on behalf of the company will be required to apply the HSE standards fully compatible with that of LEE.

The management shall ensure that this policy is pursued with diligence, any breach or neglect of this policy, or intentional recklessness shall be investigated and findings shall result to a disciplinary measure, if proven.