Offshore Engineering Management

Offshore Engineering Management As the demand for newer oil and gas fields extend into deeper water depths, there is an increasing demand to not only optimize but develop a broad spectrum of innovative technologies that can best streamline the process of designing and installing of offshore installations and substructures.

Hence, Lee Engineering Limited’s Offshore Engineering Services’ division was established so as to integrate all applicable Engineering Solutions and uphold our ability to undertake and accomplish wide-ranging responsibilities associated with successfully deploying offshore skill-sets, tools and technologies.

Being a multi-disciplined engineering services’ provider thus makes it possible for Lee Engineering Limited to possess the required ability, qualities and knowledge to put forward limitless possibilities of meticulously-prepared made-to-order engineering results throughout the life of your engineering projects.

Our offshore engineering capabilities for designing offshore substations, jackets and substructures for FPSO Modules and Vessels fully extends to disciplines such as Pipeline Engineering and Management, Instrumentation Engineering, Process Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural and Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Our Offshore engineering services is divided into:
  • Pipeline Engineering & Management
  • Topside to Hull Integration
  • Topside, Jackets & Modules Fabrication & Integration
  • Hookup and pre-commissioning
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Strategic Fabrication yards and modularization capabilities
  • Process Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Engineering Design & Studio

Other Offshore Engineering Services Includes supply of:
  • Controls systems
    • In charge of the controls for the entire vessel, from power distribution throughout the ship to data logging systems for the equipment.
  • Drilling
    • Using the right equipment for drilling into the sea beds to take care of mud control
    • Real-time monitoring the performance of the drills
    • Automated data-driven drilling
  • Iron Roughnecks
    • Integral part in connecting and disconnecting drill pipes
      • Uses a rotary table and torque wrenches.
  • Jacking and skidding
    • Moving hard to reach equipment horizontally or vertically around the vessel hydraulically.
  • Lifting and handling
    • Moving easy to reach equipment around using a crane.
  • Power systems
    • Power generation and power distribution throughout the vessel
  • Top drive systems
    • Accelerates the drilling process by spinning the pipe as it is being drilled into the well.