Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical EngineeringOur Field Engineering team is a specialized group of mechanical, electrical and controls engineers, available to solve the most complex engineering requirements. Whether you are purchasing new equipment or upgrading your existing equipment, Lee Engineering Field Engineering Team will be on hand to support you no matter how unusual and unique your requirements are.

In partnership with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we have the in-depth knowledge of your equipment. We have several engineers supporting our 10 Field Engineering teams to ensure that we are proposing and providing the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

We also leverage on the wealth of experience garnered from past projects, and also partner with industry leaders, to create a matchless pool of technical know-how and capabilities to ensure that your projects are completed timely and right the very first time. Common mechanical engineering solutions that we offer include but not limited to the following:

  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Stress/strain analysis
  • Computational flow dynamics (CFD)
  • Thermal dynamics
  • Failure modes and risks analysis
  • Rapid prototyping

How we work
Customers who contact Lee Engineering Aftermarket Field Engineering will receive:
  • An assigned and dedicated project lead who will review the project with the customer.
  • Initial technical content and budgetary proposal for the project - our engineers can ensure that we provide you with the best information we can up-front.
  • Additional support by deployment of dedicated personnel onboard your asset to perform technical surveys, should the requirements and the complexity of the project require it.
  • A detailed technical and commercial proposal.
  • A partnership with Lee Engineering through all design, manufacturing, test and delivery phases.
  • A managed transition through the installation and commissioning phases.
  • A full and agreed Documentation Package containing drawings, specifications, accreditations and all instructions necessary to maintain your equipment in premium condition.

Solving your unique challenges by designing and supplying custom engineered solutions is what motivates us every day. We care about your project as if it were our own equipment. Understanding and anticipating your needs pushes us forward. We work together with our customers to ensure our solutions are viable and enhanced to improve the equipment performance, maintain equipment/system integrity and increase uptime.

Optimal solutions
In the complex world of production and upstream equipment, there is not always one solution to solve your challenges. Our lean, responsive team works to ensure you have the optimal solution on time and on budget - to keep your rig and your equipment running. We are continually pushing our own standards higher to deliver the safest, most efficient and reliable solutions to help you achieve long lasting success.

Thorough process
No customer will be a number at Lee Engineering – we will assign a dedicated team to ensure you are satisfied throughout the entire process for any engineering requirement within the equipment life-cycle.

Across West Africa, our teams of Field Engineers are on-hand to help you. We leverage our global team of experts, providing you with a single point of contact close to where you are. With locations in Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt, Accra, Milan, and USA– we are where you are.

Common Field Engineering upgrades projects:


  • Top Drive Control System upgrade
  • Retract Dolly Control System upgrade
  • Iron Roughneck Control System upgrade
  • PHM Control System upgrade
  • PRS Control System upgrade
  • Control System upgrade
  • Drawworks Control System upgrade
  • Autodriller Control System upgrade
  • KEMS Control System upgrade
  • Zone Management System upgrade
  • Softspeed II
  • Diagnostic HMI


  • Motor Frame Dolly Assemblies – replacement/upgrades
  • Block Dolly Assemblies– replacement/upgrades
  • Dual Retract/ Super Dollys/ Swing Dollies
  • Proportional Hydraulic Upgrades – Retract Dollys
  • Torque Tubes Assemblies
  • TDS Upgrades – 10 Port Rotating Head, Hydraulic Link Tilt, BX Elevator
  • TDS Configuration Updates
  • Transport Skids
  • TDS Installation Kits
  • Fingerboard Control Cabins/ Towers
  • Derrickman Control Cabins / Assistant Drillers Control Cabins
  • Fingerboard Upgrade Kits
  • New Fingerboard Assemblies
  • Racking Board Assemblies
  • PRS Off board Hydraulic Upgrades (3,4,5,6)
  • PRS Handling Skids/ Shipping Skids
  • Mud Pump Liner Spray System
  • Table
  • Type V Rackers


  • BOP Control System upgrades.
  • BOP HPU Control Skids – Upgrades (i.e. added interfaces, functionality, sequencing, and interlocks).
  • Diverter Control Skids – Upgrades (i.e. added interfaces, functionality, sequencing, and interlocks).
  • BOP Fluid Mixing skids – Upgrades / replacement.
  • Remote panel upgrades/replacements – Note: Aftermarket can do the software coding to suit.
  • Telescopic Joint Control Management Upgrades.
  • Accumulator sizing upgrades (tanks/pumps/accumulators).
  • All of the above can be provided with remote panels/touch screen software.
  • ROV / acoustic Intervention Panels.
  • Failsafe Valve re-configurations (including spool piece modifications and Failsafe assist controls).

POD function / logic upgrades

  • Hard Piping / hosing
  • BOP Handling Equipment
  • Structural modifications including Accumulator Upgrades, and Ram re-configurations